Travel Tips

PASSPORTS – A valid passport should be at your possession. Passport should be valid for 6 months from the departure date. All aliens should carry a valid alien registration card.


VISAS – American citizens are required to obtain an entry visa for Egypt and Turkey. All others check with local Egyptian or Turkish Consulates for individual requirements. Obtaining a visa is the passengers’ sole responsibility.


VACCINATIONS AND HEALTH REQUIREMENTS – At present, no immunization is necessary. Check with consulates of each country for further developments. Travelers with special health requirements are advised to consult with their doctors and get permission before they sign up on a tour program. Travelers with special medication should bring an adequate supply with them. Wearers of prescription glasses and or lenses should carry a spare with them. Health conditions are not a reason for cancellation.


PETS – No pets are allowed on any of the tours or on any customized itineraries.


BAGGAGE —  One piece of luggage not exceeding 50 lbs each plus a carry on is allowed. However, due to constant movement during the duration of the journey we strongly recommend that you pack light.


CLOTHING – Pack layer clothing. Because of warm to hot weather in the morning and cool breezes at night, especially while cruising or at coastal sights,  light-wear clothing and comfortable cottons are recommended. Good, flat walking shoes, while on shore excursions are essential. Hats, bathing suits, sun glasses, sunscreen lotions, beach towel, cotton sweaters, raincoat, umbrella and toiletries are a must. Cocktail dresses or pantsuit for the ladies, and jacket or suit for the gentlemen are optional for some formal nights while cruising.


FILMS & CAMERAS – Bring plenty of film or videocassettes for usage while touring. Note that some museums and or ancient sites will either require payment of a small fee for the usage of your cameras or video cameras or they will not allow you to take any pictures or film while inside.


PHONE CARDS – Usage of your calling phone card is strongly suggested. However, direct dial communication is available at the majority of your hotels, charges are high.


PERSONAL FUNDS & EXPENSES – Travelers checks are recommended for both convenience and security. Major credit cards are accepted widely in hotels, shops and many stores. Try to always exchange a small amount of local currency in each destination for immediate expenses.


FOOD & BEVERAGES – Eating in hotels, ships and major restaurants is safe. However, local cuisine might be spicy and caution is recommended. Special diets might be fulfilled only if requested in writing 2 weeks prior to departure. However, it should be understood that dietary requirements of passengers are the sole responsibility of each individual. Mineral or bottled spring waters are recommended for usage while touring. Due to hot weather we strongly suggest that you carry a small thermos of spring water and use it while touring or under exposure to the sun in order to avoid dehydration.


SHOPPING – The countries that you are visiting are “shoppers paradises”. Exquisite gold, silver, handcrafts, pottery and embroideries made in Greece. Embroideries, wood carved handcrafts, pottery, copper goods in Cyprus. Leather and exquisite apparel in Italy. Gems, religious items, cosmetics from the Dead Sea in Israel. Leather, copper, silver, wood carved products, spices in Egypt. Copper, leather, pottery in Turkey.


IMPORTANT – Above travel tips are general information that can be used by any traveler. However, Pharos Agency, Inc. is not responsible or liable for the information provided above and each individual participant should contact local authorities and obtain updated information regarding his or her individual needs.